A wonderful exchange between children in Corfu island

Posted on Jun 19, 2015

Κέρκυρα 1Κέρκυρα 2Κέρκυρα 3A while ago, we got a call from Ms. Zolota, a Technology teacher in the 7th Gymnasium of Corfu.

She informed us that on the basis of the class project “I want and can- Volunteerism”, twenty of her students organized a book drive (“Save your old books from the dust!”). After drawing the poster and invitations, they sent them to all students explaining the purpose of their initiative, the type of books they wanted, and the way of collecting them. They managed to gather 110 books!

Having heard of our organization, Ms. Zolota reached out to us, looking for another school of Corfu in need of books. We brought them together with the Kindergarten of Kanalia, a school that had previously applied to Library4all for help.

“In the end, the books were given to four schools: to the aforementioned kindergarten, the Primary School of Ereikousa, the 14th Kindergarten of Corfu, and the 14th primary school of Corfu. I would like to underline the special case of the school in Ereikousa, since it is situated in a tiny, remote island north of Corfu, with a small number of kids and numerous problems.” Ms. Zolota told us.

Thank you to Ms. Zolota for the project’s achievement, to Ms. Trontza, Headmistress of the 7th Gymnasium, and of course to the kids!