We are currently designing educational and interactive applications, accessible to all and cultural activities for kids and adults. The apps will play the role of a canvas, of a music studio, of a theater stage, of a science laboratory, of a historical archive, even of a foreign language class, in a way that is user-friendly and appealing.

Features of all apps

  • Edutainment – learning experience in a kids friendly environment
  • Target group: kids aged 6-12
  • Kids will be encouraged to learn, discover, imagine,
  • Kids will be encouraged to appreciate history and heritage
  • Kids will develop valuable skills
  • Kids will be encouraged to love learning
  • Kids will learn amazing facts and see incredible photos
  • Kids will be encouraged to understand and appreciate the beauty of nature
  • Kids will be engaged and enjoy simple things
  • Kids will learn to respect nature
  • Kids will develop listening skills
  • Kids will develop literacy skills
  • Kids will become familiar with math principles
  • Kids will be encouraged to experiment with color
  • Kids will learn how to sort information
  • Kids will develop their imagination
  • Kids will develop self-esteem

It is Library4all’s policy to make adjustments in order to make all our information, services and learning resources accessible to all users.

The apps will implement the World Wide Web Consortium accessibility guidelines to enhance equal access to people with disabilities as well. Furthermore, designing the app, in accordance to the “Design for All” principles, will allow for alternative content descriptions, such us audio descriptions, sign language interpretations etc.