The online magazine “O Anagnostis” supports Library4all

Posted on Aug 27, 2015

anagnostis 1anagnostis 2Every year, the books offered to “Anagnostis” by publishing houses are forwarded to public and school libraries.

This time, during the “Anagnostis” Literary Awards ceremony, held on June 4 at Megaron Mousikis, the editing team of the magazine decided to give the accumulated books to Library4all and Diavazontas megalono, two non-governmental organisations promoting reading.

On August 22, we were handed 492 children’s books. It is our belief that the frequent contact with books, especially on school grounds, plays an important part in kids developing reading and writing capabilities, and in building a strong relationship with literature through time.

We would like to thank the editing team of “Anagnostis” for their generous contribution.

O Anagnostis – 23/8/2015