Our mission

Library4all is a non-profit organization committed to the support of education, life-long learning, and all artistic activities. It acts to protect and promote Greek identity and creates educational solutions, applications and resources for children of all ages, adults, people with disabilities, and marginalized groups of the population.

Our mission

The role of Library4all revolves around gathering information about what schools across the whole country need, and helping them create a library from scratch or grow their existing collection of books.

The books offered by us are either brand new or in excellent condition and come from donations by individuals, businesses, publishing houses, writers, and non-governmental organizations.
We aim that the books offered meet the schools’ real needs. Not only do they equip educators with a valuable teaching tool, but also serve as a source of inspiration for kids.
Our Causes
  • We support community projects in Greece.
  • We help schools and institutions, such as orphanages, half-way houses, homes for handicapped children or the blind, associations that take care of people with low or no income, visit museums, art galleries, archaeological sites etc.
  • We help schools and institutions create a library or grow their existing collection of books and educational resources.

Our Goals

  • To create educational solutions and applications that support non-profit projects that make a difference to the community.
  • To give children and adults as much as many opportunities for education and self-development.
  • To promote and support access to Greek culture and heritage to all.


…is the term used to describe whether a product, device, service, or environment is available and can be used by people of all abilities and disabilities. It is Library4all’s policy to make adjustments in order to make all our information, services and learning resources accessible to all users. Therefore, in the design and implementation of our website, we have taken into consideration barriers that often hinder or prevent users from fully utilizing it. Inadvertently, some areas of the website may be inaccessible. We welcome inquiries, comments, and suggestions regarding the accessibility of our site. Please email the web team at [email protected]