bookwave 2013


bookwave 2013_bags IKEABookwave 2013, the original nonprofit book drive, took place between the 21st and the 30th of November on Pireos Street Annexe Building of the Benaki Museum in cooperation with the Benaki Museum and Project Cicero in the US. It has the kind support of the Bodossaki Foundation.

Entrance was free. The public donated books from the 21st until the 24th of November. On Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of November the Educational Programmes Department of the Benaki Museum held free workshops for children.  From the 28th until the 30th of November books were made available to those schools and institutions having signed up to take part in the project.

Families came, donating books and participating in our free workshops designed by the Educational Department of the Benaki Museum. The Benaki Museum invited children who were blind or partially sighted to a multi-sensory workshop inspired be G.Seferis verses about Syngrou Avenue. The book drive collected 6,000 new and gently used books that were donated to 66 Primary Schools and 48 Kindergarten libraries in Athens and Attica. slider-mouseio-benaki

The teachers of the participating schools wrote about our bookwave:

“Original and perfectly organized! Lots of books!, Great books”

“Reading books empowers us to change the world! May these words be a consolation and encourage you to continue your efforts!”

“We sincerely thank you”

During bookwave 2013 we ran the seminar ” How to organize and run a school library” in collaboration with the Cultural and Environmental Studies Divisions of the First Regional Office of Education of Athens. Our main speaker was Mrs Eirini Vokotopoulou, chief director of the website, the online magazine that promotes reading from an early age. Speaking to the 50 participating teachers, Mrs Vokotopoulou answered the questions” “Why do we need books in schools?”